Protection and Insurance

Make the best of things should the worst happen.

When you purchase insurance or protection for your family or your business, two things will give you peace of mind.

  • The first is knowing you have the best product with exactly the cover you need but no unnecessary features.
  • And the second is knowing you’ve paid the lowest possible price.

This is what you’ll get when you work with us.

We’ll make sure we understand your needs and your budget. Then, we’ll tailor a product to your precise requirements.

We’re able to access the best deals in the market and get quick responses because of our strong relationships with providers.

Our clients regularly save significant amounts on their previous insurance premiums – often ranging from 10% – 50%, sometimes even more.

Protection for you and your family if you become seriously ill or die

If your family’s situation becomes difficult, you won’t want to worry about paying the mortgage or the bills.

You can provide security for yourself and your loved ones by taking out insurance policies that will provide either a lump sum payment or a regular income should the worst happen.

We can help you work out what type of policy fits your needs and find the best provider for you.

Your options include:

  • Income protection – a monthly income if you are unable to work due to sickness or an accident until you return to work or your policy finishes
  • Accident, sickness and unemployment cover (ASU) – money to pay your bills and your mortgage or rent for a limited period if you are unable to work because of an accident, sickness or redundancy
  • Critical illness cover – a lump sum to clear your debts and provide financial assistance if you become seriously ill
  • Life cover – a lump sum for your family which will clear all your debts, including your mortgage, if you die and can also provide a further lump sum to provide for the family or loved ones if this were to happen
  • Relevant life plans (RLP) – tax-efficient life cover for individuals which is paid for by their employer; particularly good for directors of limited companies

Protection for your home

You need insurance with the right level of protection for your home.  Your policy should cover all your risks – but come without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

We tailor-make insurance policies so you have exactly the coverage you need, but no more.

You can ask us to source the best policies for your:

  • Buildings and contents – protect the property against damage, including fire and subsidence, and your belongings against theft or damage; you can also arrange cover for accidental damage to buildings and contents, including for loss or damage to possessions away from home.

This can be for a residential property or a property you let out.

Protection for your business

You can significantly reduce the risks in your business with cost-effective insurance policies.

We can arrange:

  • Commercial buildings and contents – protects commercial property against damage and contents, including IT equipment and furniture, against theft or damage; can also cover equipment away from the premises both nationally and internationally
  • Employer liability – covers any accidents or injury caused to employees either on the premises or in carrying out work tasks on behalf of the company
  • Public liability – covers claims brought by the public for any accidents or injury on your premises
  • Professional indemnity – for any professional business that provides advice or  professional opinions
  • Bespoke insurance policies – for any risk in your business (e.g. insurance for assets, goods in transit or non-payment by overseas customers)

Our service promise to you

You won’t be charged for our services. We will be paid by the insurance provider.  When we present our recommendations to you, we will fully disclose how much we’ll get paid, who is making the payment and who it goes to for each product.

This is how our process works:

You tell us what you need.

  • We search the market and assess products on the price, quality and integrity of the provider.
  • We present the products that in our opinion suit you best and discuss them with you so you can make a fully-informed decision.
  • We never recommend products just because they are cheap and easy to sell or because they pay the highest commission.
  • If you already have the best policy when we first meet or at renewal time, then we’ll tell you.  We won’t make you change just so we can make a sale

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