BKL and SweetTree Farming For All: kitting out the care farm

Visitors to SweetTree Fields Farm can enjoy new gas and hot water facilities, thanks to the support of Finchley based accountants BKL.

On the 14-acre farm and woodland site in Mill Hill, SweetTree Farming For All offers therapeutic care to vulnerable adults and young people of all abilities in a safe environment.

BKL gave their staff a day off to volunteer. “As soon as we heard about SweetTree Farming For All, we knew we wanted to be involved,” says BKL partner Damian Mildener. “One of the core values which our staff have embraced the most is ‘Make a Difference’. Working together with a not-for-profit organisation that embodies this value, just a short distance from our main office, was an idea that really appealed to us as we believe in contributing to our local community.”

Staff from all levels of the firm came together for the volunteering day. They agreed that it was hard work but highly enjoyable and decided to make it more than a one-off event. Damian explains: “We got more than we bargained for out of the day. And seeing first-hand the amazing community work that SweetTree Farming For All does on a limited budget made us determined to put even more in. This wasn’t just about ticking a box marked Corporate Social Responsibility: we wanted to do more.”

BKL volunteers with SweetTree Farming For All staffBKL’s team had noticed that the site was relying on small, low-powered gas stoves for cooking and a generator to heat water for washing and cleaning. They not only paid for a new gas cooker, gas urn and two water heaters but made further visits to SweetTree Fields Farm to install them. The most recent visit took place this month.

Jude Allen, Director and Principal Trainer of SweetTree Farming For All, has expressed her gratitude to BKL. “We were blown away by the positivity and enthusiasm BKL showed on their first visit. And we are in awe of their generosity and ongoing support for us. They have made such a huge impact on our organisation in the short time we have known them and I can’t begin to explain how much it has helped.”

Jude gave details of the difference the new equipment is making. “The hot water and gas cooker have made it so much easier when our clients cook their own lunch; having the hot water makes washing up of huge burnt-on vats of chilli so much easier and more pleasant now we are getting into winter! The gas urn too will make our lives when we have clients onsite so much easier. We were having to turn on a big noisy generator and boil individual kettles which took forever.”

Damian Mildener concludes: “Getting to know SweetTree Farming For All and its people has been more rewarding than we could have expected. We’re delighted that we were able to find a way to support them beyond our initial visit. They have a positive effect on so many lives and are extremely deserving. And thanks to Jude’s offer of a summer barbecue at the farm, we’re looking forward to being back there in 2017.”

More photos of BKL’s visits to SweetTree Fields Farm can be found via BKL’s Facebook page.

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