14 Jun 2023

Webinar: Tax consequences for international businesses with remote workers in the UK and Germany

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On 14 June, our international tax and accounting specialists were pleased to collaborate with the German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce and WirtschaftsTreuhand GmbH to give an overview of remote workers’ cross-border issues from a German-British bilateral angle.

About the webinar

Many companies are feeling the pressure of skills shortages and increasingly look for the right talent on an international basis. In addition new immigration rules have made it more difficult to second trusted local employees to develop a new market. Whether you are a German company hiring a permanent staff member in the UK or a British company hiring a new colleague in Germany there are a number of aspects to consider, such as tax, social security and the risk of creating a permanent establishment in the employee’s country of work.

The hosts were

  • David Simpson – International Tax Partner, BKL
  • Petra Deters – Head of German Inward Investment, BKL
  • Johanna Göttlich – Partner, WirtschaftsTreuhand GmbH

WirtschaftsTreuhand GmbH are based in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Munich. Like BKL, they are members of AGN International: an association connecting accountants and tax advisers in over 85 countries.


David, Petra and Johanna provided an overview of these cross-border issues from a German-British bilateral angle and discuss questions such as

  • What could create a permanent establishment for corporation tax purposes in the employee’s country
  • What creates the requirement for payroll registration
  • What about social security obligations
  • Are there any other associated aspects an employer should be aware of

This webinar focussed on the tax and associated aspects not on employment or immigration law.

If you would like to see the slides from the webinar, please get in touch via your usual BKL contact or our enquiry form and we would be happy to forward them.