Tax meets dubstep in viral video from BKL

An online video combining tax returns and dubstep music has gone viral, clocking up more than 34,000 views on video-sharing website YouTube.

The two-minute video, a collaboration between London-based chartered accountancy firm BKL and comedy writer and film-maker Daniel Berg, sees a member of the BKL team preparing a self-assessment tax return at high speed to music by renowned US-based dubstep producer Skrillex.

The clip was posted on YouTube to coincide with the 31 January self-assessment tax return deadline, attracting tens of thousands of views within the first four days of going live.

Myfanwy Neville, one of the partners at BKL, said: “Dan approached us with the idea of making a video to show a lighter side to the traditional accounting stereotype.  We love getting involved with things that are a bit different to the norm, so this sounded right up our street.”

Daniel Berg said: “I’ve always found it funny when seemingly ‘mundane’ tasks are performed to epic music, and thought the 31 January tax deadline and dubstep would make a great combination. As the idea came about just a week before the deadline, turnaround was very tight but BKL and my co-director, Christopher Poole, really helped things run smoothly and quickly.”

The star of the video is David Li, a relative newcomer to the practice. He began working with the team following a recent recruitment drive to expand the practice. He said: “Never did I imagine that joining BKL would give me the opportunity to star in a viral. Filming took just under two hours and it was a lot like working here: challenging, fun and rewarding.

“It was great to see the finished video and it’s incredible how it’s exploded across the various social networks. I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat a whole digestive biscuit in one go, however.”

Myfanwy added: “It’s so important to build a team with the right people. We employ individuals like David, not only based upon their skills and intellect, but also for their personalities and fit into the forward-thinking culture of BKL. We’d like to think that our video gives a glimpse into the personality of the practice to potential applicants.”

Comments about Doing Taxes to Skrillex

  • ‘That’s why we at TS were so pleased to see one accountant from north London-based firm BKL take the lead in doing just that; posting a video on YouTube demonstrating the stimulating effects of Skrillex’s (pictured) wobble bass on anyone filling in a tax return.’ Accountancy Age
  • ‘It comes across as a very British video, not in style necessarily but in its dry wit. There have been quite a few varied response to the video but on the whole it is being really well received and the accountancy firm who commissioned it must be thrilled too, banking videos aren’t the biggest hits.’ Crispy Comedy Cuts
  • ‘Posted on the 31 January, to coincide with the deadline for filing self assessment forms to HMRC, the short film of Berg Kaprow Lewis (BKL) audit senior, David Li, going about the routine task is set to US musician Skrillex’s hit single Bangarang.’ Accountancy Live
  • ‘Funny, clever, subtle, British and random as hell are a few words to describe this great short video. Launched by a savvy accountancy firm the day before the tax return submission deadline. The premise is simple what do you get if you mix up one of the world’s most talked about djs and an office? This video is the outcome. Short, sweet, potent and random (again) a few more words to describe it. Enjoy!’ Huffington Post
  • ‘No matter how you feel about the genre, it’s hard to argue that your professional lives wouldn’t be more interesting to outsiders if they watched your daily activities with a dubstep soundtrack. And careful video editing, obviously.’ Going Concern
  • ‘Dropping the Bass and Balance Sheets.’ Inquisitr
  • ‘Doing Taxes to Skrillex – Awesome music vid’ Ben Mason
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