06 Jun 2014

Publish tax contributions for culture change


Writing in the Independent i, Simon Kelner advocates publishing the tax contributions of the super-rich in an effort to shame them into contributing more to the economy. Public recognition of Britain’s top taxpayers might result in a change of culture, he suggests. Mr Kelner cites recent figures that indicate tax avoidance costs the economy £35bn.

Source: Independent i

We Say: Oh good! We’re back onto the ‘shame-culture’ basis of taxation. Where the press choose an appropriate moral stance, and harangue until someone or other caves in, and makes a contribution to the UK economy out of already taxed income. What a brilliant plan! 

Maybe we could take it a step further and let the government pick a moral stance they’re happy with, and redistribute across the population until they think things are fair? Oh hang on…that sort of system already has a name… 

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