21 Aug 2014

UKIP will cut taxes for all


UKIP will fight next year’s election with a promise to cut taxes for both the richest and the poorest as part of a “blue-collar platform” for aspiration, according to Tim Aker, head of the party’s policy unit.UKIP’s 2015 manifesto will promise to increase the 40p tax threshold from the current £41,865 to £45,000 and abolish the 45p rate for those earning £150,000 or more.”We are for flatter, simpler and lower taxes,” Mr Aker told Prospect magazine.

Source:   The Times

It’s easy to say that UKIP’s policies are irrelevant because they aren’t going to be in a position to implement them, but that’s simplistic.  UKIP’s “simple bloke” anti-political message has a visceral attraction for an increasing section of the population (such as the supporter whom we highlighted in a blog post earlier this year) and is bound to influence the policies of the bigger parties.  And in the field of tax, at least, that may be no bad thing.